Make It Monday: I Only Date Time Lords Painted Shirt

To any girl lamenting a lost Time Lord, fear not! I wanted to make my sister a Whovian shirt for a while. After the success of my painted oxfords, I decided to use the Martha Stewart Multi Surface Paint again. It was as simple as tracing letters and painting inside lines. Not always my strong suit but it worked out in this instance!

Start out with a clean shirt. I bought this vintage fit tee at Old Navy for a couple of bucks on sale.

I found some great letter stickers at Target, again for a few bucks. If you feel confident freehanding your quote, have at it! I can’t write in a straight line to save my life. You could also use stencils. I like the stickers because they don’t move on you and you can see what the quote will actually look like before committing to it.

Next, use a fabric marker to trace your letters. If you don’t have paint, you could fill in the letters with the marker instead. Then iron the letters, flipping the shirt inside out, according to the instructions on the marker box.

And paint! I used a silver, making it quite Who-like!


My sister loved the shirt, and her friend has asked for one as well! It was a fun project, and now I’m trying to figure out what I want to put on my own shirt. If anyone makes one, don’t hesitate to share! Have a great day!


Make It Monday: Goldfinger Knit Cowl

This week’s Make It Monday is another work in progress, though I’m fairly certain this one will be done quickly. While wandering through Hobby Lobby the other day I happened upon a gorgeous goldenrod yarn. It is one of my favorite colors, and seems to scream “Fall!” At least to me.


What better way to celebrate the shortening of days than by knitting a scarf? I decided to make a cowl, making up a pattern as I went. I cast on 200 onto size 6 circular needles, knitting 2 rows, purling 1, and then repeating. Easy peasy!


As you can see, nowhere near finished. But I can’t wait to show you the results!

Still Here!

Hi, everybody, just a quick word to let you know I’m still here! It has been slightly chaotic of late. The house is starting to look lived in, I’m starting to find my way around, and I’m still looking for a job. But the craftiness will return soon!!! I taught myself to knit last week and will have some fingerless gloves to share with you before too long. Stay tuned!

Hi There!

Hi there! This is the first of (hopefully) many posts for my first blog, PerfectlyMarvelousGirl. Join me as I cook, craft, and critique to my heart’s content. I hope to have at least one entry per week so bear with me as I get the hang of this thing!


My goal is to show that everyone, regardless of skill level, has the ability to cook and to craft. I didn’t learn to cook until I was eighteen; up to that time, I simply didn’t see the point. My mother was always around to cook, so why should I? But when I started college, and my parents started working, I realized that someone had to take care of the food issue. It wasn’t easy. I burnt water the first time I tried to make water. Don’t ask me how it happened. But within a few weeks, my confidence grew. It’s four years later, and I am now the go-to person in the family for baked goods. I make the turkey every Thanksgiving, and made a seven course Christmas meal with my mother, just for fun. While I have been sewing since childhood, it is only recently that I have been able to make things from scratch. My biggest project thus far was a vintage-inspired bathing suit, which I’ll talk more about on a later post. I love to craft clothing and such for the simple fact that these are things already sitting around my house; why not create from them?


The point is, my blog will show just how easy it is to incorporate your own cooking and crafting into life. Good food leads to happy bellies. Crafts can be therapy and life-changing. Here’s to many more posts!


Love, Ashley