And Now I’m Back From Outer Space

I’m BACK! Can you believe it?!

Okay, I suppose I have some ‘splainin’ to do. The past couple of months have been crazy. I’ve gotten a new job, interviewed for a fantastic opportunity that could turn into a wonderful career, and stayed busy. I’ve been awful at posting and such, but I’ve made tons of things lately.

Today I’m just going to tell you what I’m sure you already know: Pinterest is an idea Mecca. I’ve pinned nonstop since the day I finally buckled down and made an account. It’s been a lifesaver for my naw job, teaching crafts to kids, and I have so many ideas for when I get my own place.

I’ve been thinking about color schemes for my future place for a while. I really gravitate towards neutrals like cream, gray, and chocolate, with rust and dark teal accents. I thought about painting the plethora of empty candle glasses I have accumulated. I bought several martini glasses from the thrift store a couple of weeks ago, and was given two vases by mom. Figured I’d paint those too.


I love the results of them. However, the vase I tried to paint ended rather atrociously. I decided to try something new. I found some great yarn covered vases on Pinterest and decided to take a crack at it. I decided to use the yarn left over from a blanket I’m knitting (still in progress) to keep the color scheme consistent. Using a hot glue gun, I wrapped the yarn around the vase starting from the top down.


It did take a couple of hours with Joan Jett, Queen, and Adele for company (my Pandora is so very odd). Don’t you love it? I made a random striped pattern, giving it an almost tribal look. Perfect for my eclectic collection! Have fun taking a crack at this easy, albeit time consuming, craft!