Make It Monday, Er, Tuesday: Wooly Mammoth Dad Scarf

Oops, totally forgot to post a Make It Monday yesterday!

The weather is getting to that perfect place when I wear a sweater, scarf, boots, and a plethora of layers. It really is my favorite time of year! And what better time to knit the family all sorts of goodies?

For my dad, I decided to make a scarf. I found a nice manly-looking Red Heart worsted yarn in Aran Fleck.

So manly 🙂

I then cast on 52. For the first row, knit two, purl two, and repeat. On the second row, purl two, knit two, and repeat. You will then repeat these rows until the scarf reaches the desired length.

I’m still in the process of completing this project. Dad requested an extra-long scarf. I will post the final result soon!

As you can see, this scarf is getting ridiculous. Watching Futurama while workin on it!