Talk To The Hand Maxi Skirt

I fell in love with this green, pink, neutral floral. Despite the fact that I couldn’t wear the dress it was attached to!

Have you ever bought something based solely on your love of, oh, let’s say its floral pattern, only to realize that it is two sizes too small? And you wore the item, let’s say a maxi dress, under sweaters and button-down shirts to hide the fact that you couldn’t zip it?


I guess I must be the only person to do that. I just had to get this dress from H&M last year, knowing full well that I would not be able to wear it. Every time I did manage to wear it, I received compliments. Go figure.

Since there is a trend of turning maxi dresses to maxi skirts, I decided it was high time to do the same with this dress. Now my favorite, unwearable skirt will be my favorite, constantly worn skirt! Here’s how!

As you can see, the dress was just too cute to pass up. That and five euros on sale meant I had to nab it. On to the chopping!


Honestly, there is nothing easier than this DIY. Simply cut the dress around the natural waist. You will then fold over once, sewing a straight line about an inch down but do not sew completely around. Leave a small hole. With elastic, measure how large (or how small) your waist is. Cut the elastic to that size. Put a safety pin on the elastic and feed it through the hole.

After you have gotten the elastic through completely, sew the two ends of the elastic together. Then sew the hole up! And then you are done! Seriously that easy!


I love the ’90s look, skirts with combat boots. I feel like I should be an extra in “Before Sunrise.” Or “Buffy.” We should bring back some ’90s phrases. Like, “take a chill pill.” Or “you go, girl.” But say it in a way that we’re winking at it?


Love the new skirt! I’ll pair it with just about anything now!