Make It Mondays: Omigod You Five Guys Apron

I love using a restaurant’s shirt to make an apron for home. The unfinished apron as modeled by myself.

Of all the foods in the world, burgers are my eighth favorite. Right after lamb, chocolate, ostrich, beef Wellington, moussaka, ice cream, and caramels. In that order, I believe. I have had spectacular burgers and atrocious ones. The best ones I’ve ever had have, naturally, been homemade. We grind our own meat, which makes a far better burger. I may do a burger for the blog, just to share my love.


I had to preface this Make It Monday craft with that little tidbit. If you haven’t had Five Guys, you are missing out. Yes, it is ridiculously greasy and may put you in a food coma. But something about it just screams America to me. It is far better than most fast food burger joints, allowing you to add fixings like grilled mushrooms (yummy!).


I came by this Five Guys shirt through my brother, who used to work there. I snatched it up, thinking I would take it in and girly-fy it. Monday morning came around and I had nada for the blog. While on the way to the fabric store to get thread for several other projects, I suddenly remembered a t-shirt apron featured on Ruffles & Stuff, via Pinterest. It was perfect! I decided to spin off that idea and, since the shirt was ginormous on me, make a full apron.


The back of the shirt was so excellent, I couldn’t have asked for more. I love the placement and size of the phrase.


First thing I did was use my seam ripper to take the sleeves off. I had big plans for these, as you shall see.


I then chopped the back from the first, making a large rectangle of fabric.


To make an apron, I folded the rectangle in half and cut a triangle at the approximate spot of my chest.


Using the back of the shirt, I cut two identical strips the entire length of the shirt. They were about three inches wide. I then pinned them to hem, just making the sides nice. The third piece was for the neck. I cut a piece about five inches shorter than the others, and sewed a straight stitch down the side before flipping it inside out.


Next came the pinning. I pinned the neck piece to the top, and each of the tie pieces to one of the sides. I also sewed down the sides, to ensure clean lines. At this point I took a picture of myself wearing the apron. You are more than free to stop at this point, if you don’t want any pockets. I just figured, I have the material, might as well!


I then decided to put the sleeves on the bottom of the apron. I could have cut them into squares but I rather liked the trapezoidal shape.


My lovely model, my mother, showing off the finished project. She then proceeded to wear it while making a homemade mushroom soup and pretzel rolls. I love when things actually get used!


What is your favorite burger place? What shirt would you use for this Make It Monday?