Halloween Conundrum

Halloween is far and above my favorite holiday. It could be that it was the only time my mother let me leave the house dressed as a princess or Batgirl as a child. It could be the candy. Theatre always appealed to my love of dressing up.

This year, I was considering a Marvel-inspired costume, like Jean Grey/ Marvel Girl from the ’70s or Rogue. However, when the local fabric store had everything 70% and I saw this Butterick pattern, it was love at first sight. I found a gorgeous blue satin (I actually wanted an emerald green but settled) and a golden brocade for the underskirt. And that’s when the problems started: just who am I going to be for Halloween???

I’m going with the pattern on the left; it will be form fitting yet modest, perfect for either a party or just handing out candy!

The lighting doesn’t do the fabrics justice. Each has a richness that will be perfect for the costume.

The pattern is medieval, narrowing the choices only slightly. I have two major loves: the Arthurian myths and “Game of Thrones.” So here is where I’d like your feedback:

With my brown/auburn hair and blue eyes and sense of family, House Tully is a perfect fit. I was thinking of making a Catelyn Tully costume, perhaps something she would have worn to meet Brandon Stark. I would make a Tully fish-embroidered belt for this costume.

Margaery Tyrell: lovely yet slightly dangerous. Far more intelligent than other characters give her credit, Margaery is certainly a possibility in terms of costuming. I would have fun making a stag and rose belt for the Baratheon and Tyrell houses.

Morgan le Fay has always been a favorite character of mine but Eva Green’s rendition in “Camelot” was a favorite. I tend to gravitate towards the more villainous characters, which is why I am hesitant to choose her.

Igraine, Arthur’s mother, is another possibility. As with Catelyn, I would make a younger version of the character, certainly prior to her marriage to Uther. In terms of the pattern, this is the closest of the four choices.

Anyone would be fun to make/ play. I’d love any suggestions!


4 thoughts on “Halloween Conundrum

  1. Eva Halloween says:

    Such a hard choice…they all look so fun! My vote goes to Game of Thrones because it has the benefit of being topical, so it’s sure to get a lot of attention. Then it’s just a choice of which one inspires you more (or how much embroidering you’re willing to do)! 🙂

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