Boys of Summer Have Gone But Not These Shorts

Every so often, you find fabric that you absolutely love but have no idea what to do with it. Now, if it’s full-price, then I recommend walking away. But when it’s a buck for a yard, how can you refuse?

This was the case with a terrific navy-white print cotton I found earlier this summer. I only bought a yard, intending to make a skirt of some kind. When I stumbled on This Big Oak Tree, I switched gears and made her one-yard shorts. This was the first time I made shorts of any kind but she made it seem dreadfully easy! I won’t give all of the instructions, considering how well she described each step. I did, however, take tons of pictures. I haven’t worn the shorts yet but I have plans to pair them with mustard-colored tights and brown oxford heels. Any other styling suggestions?

I was able to use a pair of existing shorts to make the pattern, rather than taking one apart as Amy of This Big Oak Tree did. Either way is sufficient!

Both pattern pieces prior to chopping.

The next part requires that you sew down the curve of the shorts. Put both back pieces together, making certain that the patterns match if using patterned material.

And the same with the back portion. Only down the curved section!

Next you will need to sew the leg portion. Her instructions are far better than my own, so please check hers out!

You will now sew the side seams. Again, if using a pattern, try to match them up and only use one continuous stitch, for the best looking shorts.

Hem the bottom of the shorts if they are the proper length. I did not take pictures while putting the elastic in. I simply sewed down the top a little wider than the elastic itself. Next, I put a safety pin on the elastic and pulled it all the way through that sewed down flap area.

I also forgot to take pictures of the belt portion until I had already sewn it down. Unlike Amy over at This Big Oak Tree, I did not fold the belt in half but like how it looks almost like an obi belt. Check her details for how to make the belt and sew it to the back of the shorts. I will put a picture up once I actually wear them to show you how they look!