Make It Monday: Robin Sparkles Jean Jacket

I made it to two Make It Mondays in a row! Yahoo! I failed to take a plethora of pictures but this should be sufficient proof of its awesomeness.

If you can sing “Let’s Go To The Mall,” “Sandcastles in the Sand,” or “The Beaver Song,” then you’re alright in my book. Probably not in hers, though.


If you have any questions about the making of, let me know!


This next craft is one that has been over five years in the making. I bought this jean jacket at a store in Giessen, Germany when I was fifteen or sixteen, and so did another friend. They were far too large for either of us but we both wanted cool jean jackets and they were five euros. Perfect for hanging out and traveling Europe.

Argh, this is the blurriest picture ever. Curse you, camera phone! Maybe one day I’ll update to a real one.

But the jacket was not exactly my style. The sleeves and hem had a navy-orange athletic- inspired elastic material. Needless to say, I knew at that time that I needed to change it up but how?


Flash forward to 2012: while browsing Amazon, I realized I would love to have a new jean jacket. How could I best change the one I already had? I decided to buy lace and either cover or remove the elastic bands.


First thing’s first, I had to remove the seams of the sleeve cuffs. The existing cuffs already went past my knuckles, so it was now a perfect length.

Already looking less haggard.

Next, I had to change the largest portion of the jacket: the bottom hem. My mother brilliantly suggested that I remove only the front portion of the elastic hem, as the back was only navy and would not be obvious when covered with lace as the orange would. Then I pinned the lace to it, overlapping at the top to create a cleaner look.

Pre-lace showtime.

And post-lace! It already looks more girly and Ashley-face certified.

I then cut simple cuffs for the sleeves out of the lace. I whip-stitched the material to the jacket.

Finally, I thought I might put a bit of lace trim on the jacket. It didn’t look quite right. Instead, I decided to cover the brass button on the jacket pockets. Adorable!

This is a tiny change, I know, but it softens the brass coloring of the jacket. The smallest details make a craft!

In the end, it was an evening long craft that completely transformed the look of the jacket from an oversized athletic one to an almost ’80s vintage one. Which is one of my favorite eras. Reminds me of Robin Sparkles from “How I Met Your Mother.” “How’s aboot I… sing you a song?!”

I love the new-old jacket and hope you do too!