Make It Mondays: Leather Peter Pan Collar

It’s slightly forties, and a little bit New Wave. Name that song!

Today marks the first of my Make It Mondays. Every Monday, I plan on posting a tutorial of some kind, DIY or food related, for you all. I have hard times sticking with resolutions. This is going to be a trial. Please bear with me!


There are some fashions I can never get into. Feathers in hair? That’s just not up my alley. It could be growing up with Audrey Hepburn and Julie Andrews as the pinnacle of style in my mind. I tend to gravitate towards girly clothes. This is in direct conflict with my comic book, violent movie, Star Wars quoting persona. I really do have a soft side. I watch “Downton Abbey,” for crying out loud!


I’ve loved Peter Pan collars for quite some time and was taken aback when they came into vogue this year. It isn’t very often that stores actually sell things I like when I like them. Especially American stores. The influx of Peter Pan collars makes me feel all warm and gooey. Girly is in? Huzzah!


Yet, due to my job search, I don’t want to buy too much. Resisting hasn’t been too hard thus far, especially since I knew I would have everything I’d need to make myself a few collars!


A few minutes of snooping led me to A Beautiful Mess and their leather Peter Pan collar tutorial. Momma had a ton of leftover gray faux leather from covering a stool. Perfect!


I made a quick pattern from paper. On reflection, it looked a bit crappy. I thought, though, that it would look better once I cut out the leather.


Not sure where that little dip came in. Oops.

And it did. Until I remembered that the leather had a design on it and both the sides of the collar were going different directions. Eww. Had I had smooth leather, this would not have even been a problem. And so, back to the drawing board!

One vertical, one slanted. Probably not the nice, together look I was out for.


Luckily for me,A Matter of Style had a one-piece collar with a free pattern! Yay! I printed the pattern, placed it on the fold of the leather and cut.

I will let you know that I had to chop the neck area a bit more to fit myself. I have a tiny neck, but this was far too tight!


I had to iron this a smidge before wearing it. Kinsey over at A Beautiful Mess suggested putting cotton on top of the leather, and place the leather side down before ironing. Worked like a charm!

All that was left was a way to close the collar. I found a hot pink ribbon and whipstitched it in place with a matching thread. That was all it took! I paired it with a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers tee-shirt. I like the juxtaposition of the uber-girly with the uber-dude. What would you pair a Peter Pan collar with this season? It isn’t the last one I’ll make!

I was always the Pink Ranger. Think she’d approve of the pairing?

Pink and gray? Yes, please!