Rogue Fingerless Gloves

Something about fingerless gloves makes me think of the ’90s. And “Being Human.” The real one, by the BBC, not that atrocious SyFy concoction. British shows are far superior to most American ones. Considering that I’m a puddle of emotions after every episode of “Being Human,” especially the last season, and I can’t remember the last American show that had that effect, I stand by that.

Why yes, Mitchell, it is more than alright for you to sit in a tank top and gloves in my flat. Or anywhere else you’d like. As long as I can look at you.

And he’ll be in “The Hobbit” trilogy! Wow, that is weird to type. Trilogy. Anyway, back to the subject at hand (pun, right? I’ll stop now). Fingerless gloves. They’re  cozy yet efficient, fun yet substantial. I decided to teach myself to knit around the time I moved and taught myself to do so on the drive down. Yes, applause may now commence.

For my first big-ish project I decided to make fingerless gloves. I found a free pattern on Lion Brand’s iPod app. I tried to find it via their website. Alas, to no avail. However, since I’m not posting the how-to, it shouldn’t be a problem. Suffice it to say, you can find hundreds of free patterns on yarn websites and the fabulous Ravelry.

Ready to jump into action, Professor X!

It could be that I picked a sunny yellow yarn but these gloves remind Rogue and the ’90s X-Men costumes. You can tell I grew up with the cartoon, since whenever I think of my favorite superheroes I think of that yellow, green, and black uniform with the red belt buckle. Awesome. Of course, if she had fingerless gloves on, many storylines would be different.

So much cooler than the movie version, don’t you think?


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