DIY: Vintage Trunk to Boo Box

The move is nearing its climax, we head down to the new house on Saturday. Despite the craziness, my brother Zac and I were able to tackle a project that I’ve been procrastinating for, well, years.

At least a decade ago, I was given a terrific vintage trunk. I couldn’t tell you how old it was, but even then it was a bit ragged. Nevertheless, I loved that trunk. It was black with brass hinges and was my “memory chest.” Nine moves later, soon to be ten, the trunk has seen better days. The vintage look of the chest no longer matches any of my Ikea-like modern furniture. And so I decided to redecorate the trunk. And promptly decided to put that decision on hold. For months.

About two months ago, I found some leftover cherry hued paint. It would perfectly match my bedroom color palette: black, white, gold/yellow, and cherry. I immediately decided to paint the trunk then and there. It was one of those spur of the moment actions that I’ve since regretted, like the time I dyed my naturally dark brown hair blonde from a box. Not one of my brighter moments. And no, there will be no pictures posted of that decision.

I didn’t finish the paint job but it really wouldn’t have mattered. I taped the hardware, which could not be removed, in the most ridiculous fashion imaginable. Frustrated, I cursed the stupid box and decided it could wait until I returned from vacation. And now, with the move, I couldn’t just leave the job undone.

Thankfully, Zac is far more capable when it comes to these things. He needed something to do, I needed a hand. We bought a Valspar satin red all purpose can of spray paint at Lowe’s and went to it. You can see the original black paint and my atrocious paint job as we worked on taping the hinges properly.

My dog Scooby really wanted to be part of the project.

Zac commenced to spraying the whole thing down in the time it took me to make supper. It turned a bit more pink than we had thought but I actually liked the color. Then we decided the discolored brass looked off and he suggested painting the hardware black. That meant another trip out for some metal appropriate paint. Once painted, Zac said, “It looks like a pirate chest.” Which reminded me of “Hook” and the boo box. Yep, I am such a ’90s kid.

Now the inside was another story. As you can tell from the stickers, I have had this box since elementary school. The inside paper covering is an odd blue and beige pattern. It was ratty, to say least. We bought black and white patterned contact paper to cover it up. That job is not completed, but it already looks fantastic!

Next up, I’m going to make the trunk into a bench by attaching a cushion to the top. When I get my own place, I’m thinking it will be a living room fixture. I love that it still looks vintage but has a modern flair.